Age Dispensations


2018 Age Dispensations


By way of update on the Age Dispensation requests, attached below a summary of the Age Dispensation Requests and the outcome of the JRCS decision on these requests. The request process was reviewed in totality and each case on its merits.



 ClubNo. of RequestsAllowedAllowed Subject to ReviewTotal Allowed Rejected


Key points that have been considered:


  •  How do we get as many kids playing and enjoying their rugby as possible?
  •  How do we give the players game time and proper training appropriate for their skill level?
  •  How do we ensure player safety – Both for the player seeking dispensation and the players who play with and against that player?
  •  The decision making process has to be clear and considered and has to have an audit trail that will stand up to external scrutiny in the event of an accident



The outcome is:


  •  To allow dispensation for all players that are on or below the 25th percentile in terms of weight for their age – this is in accordance with the JRCS Competition Rules and is for the duration of the 2018 competition
  •  To allow temporary dispensation for those between the 26th percentile and the 75th percentile based on the written submission from the coaches citing reason other than size allowing them to play down an age group – these dispensations are subject to review during the competition at the sole discretion of the JRCS
  •  To reject dispensation requests where the player involved is above the 76th percentile in terms of weight

The Age Dispensation Request Process for 2018 is now closed.





The table below lists all the players who have been granted Age Dispensation to play down one year.



If an overage player is played and is not listed on the table below, then that team will need to show cause as to why the game is not a forfeit.



Any club fielding overage players with no approved dispensation will be referred to the JRCS committee  and sanctions / penalties will be apply




Requested Age Group



DragonsU13Thomas Graves  
DragonsU13Oliver Phelps 
DragonsU13Nathan Astridge 
SCCU12Max Dwhurst 
SCCU14Joseph Gray 
SCC U14Ben Commissaris
TRCU10James Moore 
TRCU13Alex Motion 
TRC U14Max Salamon