Here you will find some commonly used forms and documentation for the running of your teams.



2018 Competition Rules

Every team should have a copy of this at hand.

90% of questions asked are answered in this document.



JRCS U10 - U17 League Laws Summary 2018

Updated summary for 2018 competition.



JRCS Mini-Rugby Playing Laws U6 - U9 2018



201Team Managers Guide 

With lots of pictures, you can tell an ex-prop wrote this. A guide to all the manager type stuff that you will be asked to do within the ResultsVault software.



Pitch Marshal Guide

A guide to what a Ground Marshal is and what the roles are.



Referee Feedback Form

Remember - can be used for good feedback too! Yep, another great one to keep in your folder on game day.



JRCS Haze Policy

See here for our Haze Policy.





No guarantees. Please read the instructions and then, if keen to proceed complete the form and return to



2017 Finals Dispensation Request



JRCS Serious Injury Report Form


A Serious Injury Report must be completed for the following match or training related injuries

  • Any head or neck injury that results in a player being treated at an emergency department, hospital or after-hours Medical Centre, OR

  • Any injury that results in the admission of a player into hospital. [Note: Admission refers to player being admitted to hospital by the Hospital Registrar for ongoing treatment and/or follow-up]

To report a serious injury, please provide the following information within 48 hours of time of incident.



Citing Form.

Feeling like something should be addressed? Here is the starting point.