JRCS Committee Roles for 2017

A call to arms! Your help is needed... Planning for the 2017 season has begun (yup, scary aint it?). We want you (yes, you) to be part of this. Please Read more

2016 Age Champions

RUGBYPASS.COM Junior Rugby Championship Grand Final Day 2016 The weather was kind to us (other than being very hot!) and the teams put on some champagne Read more

World Rugby Level 1 Referee Course

This coming Saturday (11th June) there is a World Rugby Level 1 Referee Course being held by the Singapore Rugby Union. Course Outline. The general programme Read more

Congratulations to our Minor Premiers for 2016

Congratulations to all teams on fantastic efforts throughout the year. Well done to our Minor Premiers for 2016 (finished top of the ladder after regular Read more

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JRCS competitions
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Grade: Under 10 Round: GF212 Jun 16
SCC 5  def by  20 Dragons
Grade: Under 10 Round: GF112 Jun 16
TRC Red 10  def  0 Centaurs Blue
Grade: Under 11 Round: GF312 Jun 16
Tanglin Red 0  def by  46 Centaurs Yellow
Grade: Under 11 Round: GF212 Jun 16
Dragons 12  def by  25 Centaurs Blue
Grade: Under 11 Round: GF112 Jun 16
Tanglin Black 14  def  7 SCC
Grade: Under 12 Round: GF312 Jun 16
Spartans 68  def  5 Titans
Grade: Under 12 Round: GF112 Jun 16
Dragons 36  def  19 Centaurs
Grade: Under 13 Round: SF 29 May 16
Spartans 76  def  0 Tanglin
Grade: Under 13 Round: GF312 Jun 16
Dragons 44  def  5 Titans
Grade: Under 13 Round: GF212 Jun 16
SCC 28  def  0 Tanglin
Grade: Under 14 Round: GF312 Jun 16
Titans   v   Centaurs Blue
Grade: Under 14 Round: GF112 Jun 16
Dragons 5  def by  26 Centaurs Yellow
Grade: Under 14 Round: GF212 Jun 16
SCC 33  def  10 Tanglin
Grade: Under 16 Round: GF112 Jun 16
TRC Pacific Islanders 19  def  5 Centaurs A
Grade: Under 16 Round: GF212 Jun 16
Dragons 45  def  0 Centaurs B