JRCS Junior Competition U8 and U9 - 11th June at Titans, UWC Dover

Junior Rugby Clubs Singapore, Mon May 1, 2017 7:12PM

JRCS Junior League U8 and U9 - 11th June at Titans, UWC Dover


The final round of the JRCS U8 and U9 Junior League is on this Sunday morning, hosted by Titans Rugby Club, at UWC Dover.



Medal presentations will be at the end of the rounds so please stay for this. 



JRCS sponsors AAM Adivisory will also be on hand to catch up with.  Up for grabs is a $200 meal voucher from JRCS supporter Club Meatballs.  All you need to do is stop by and have a chat to the friendly folk from AAM Advisory, who have provided outstanding support to JRCS this season.



Details are below of the U8 & U9 playing schedule:



RoundTeam ATeam BGroundTime
U9 TitansCentaurs 218:00
U9Centaurs 3SCC 128:00
U9 Tanglin 2Centaurs 138:00
Dragons 1Tanglin 149:00

Tanglin 2Centaurs 118:30
U8DragonsSCC 128:30
U8SCC 2Titans38:30
U8Centaurs 2Tanglin 148:30

U9Tanglin 1Centaurs 319:00
Centaurs 1SCC 129:00
U9SCC 2Titans 39:00
U9Centaurs 2Tanlin 249:00

U8Tanglin 1Centaurs 119:30
U8 Centaurs 2SCC 129:30
U8SCC 2Tanglin 239:30
U8Titans Dragons49:30
U9SCC 2Dragons 1110:00
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